The Players

These are the people, friends & family who worked by my side over the years. We were all part of a group of music lovers who pioneered the industry creating our own rock & roll fantasies. We didn't care about the money, we just wanted to be a part of the music.

There were more people involved that I should mention. The women & men that were catering and helping out at shows before I came along, Lou Jane Temple, Shelly, Melissa, Mary Jo, Marilyn,The Haddad Family, Jim & Amy, and probably others. (I don't have pictures of these people, but will add them as I get them.)


My Closest Companions (1979-1984 Era)
Jim, my 1st husband
& father of our kids
Elizabeth, aka Lizard,
my friend & partner
Linda, good friend,
great cook, & housemate
Debbie, my longtime best
friend & confidant
Tom, my friend & 1st
husband of Debbie


The Kids
Ambre, wonderful
daughter of Jim & me
Brodie, awesome
son of Jim & me
Sheri, daughter
of Elizabeth
Sadie, daughter of
Debbie & Tom


My Foxy Nieces, great helpers all
Kelly aka
Kansas City Kelly


Friends & Co-Workers
Keith, my hero &
production manager for NeoSpace & New West
Ratty, my good
friend, confidant, & lighting designer at Uptown
Rog, friend, music
lover & Uptown
ticket man
Kati, friend,
assistant to Danny Socolof at NeoSpace & so much more
Lynn, who I learned catering from at the Uptown
Vicki, Uptown
box office manager
production manager
for New West
Chip, helper
& good friend


Guys & Gals
Matt, husband of
niece Terry & public
relations advisor
Larry, 2nd husband
of Debbie & chef extraordinaire
JoeDi, liquor man,
music lover, &
occasional helper
Marsha, school friend
& joyful crew member
Sully, school chum &
valuable crew member


Promoters/Production Managers

Danny Sokolof,

Richard Meltzer,
Jon Katz,
Clayton Faught,
Beaver Productions

Jerry Mickelson,
Jam Productions

Bryant Kincaid,
John Gorley,
Schon Productions
Dennis Rodriguez,
New West
Charlie Hernandez, ProductionManager
for the band Ratt
Dan Faggard,
New West
Chris Fritz,
President of New West


New West Gang '85 Kelly, Paul, Penny, Conni, Keith, Cheryl


More friends and integral players (1983-1989 Era)
Cheryl, good friend &
public relations
for New West
Conni, dear friend
& accountant for
New West
Bob, friend &
trusted advisor
Connie, friend &
owner of Love Records
Kathe, friend &
diehard music fan


Valued Crew Members
George, darling friend & mechanic extraordinaire
Selena, close friend,
roommate, &
crew member
Barry, excellent crew
member, driver, & friend
Kerry, most valued
friend, cook, &
crew member
Mr. Bobshit, friend &
trusted crew member
Paul Chokota
New West Photographer Extraordinaire & friend


My Last & Bestest Crew
Otto, darling friend who helped me run things
Duck, close friend, confidant, & occasional crew member
Neil, much loved other half
of the Marten Brothers &
excellent crew member
Kris, great friend,
dressing room handler,
and all around expert
Beth, great friend &
highly efficient
kitchen manager
Nadah, close friend
& massage therapist extraordinaire


1987 Harmonic Convergence

Darling Mark arrives on the scene and becomes my constant companion & beloved husband.


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